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With any dimmer, whether using 0-10v, DALI or DMX / RDB. LED lighting made beautiful with Natural Dimming. Benefits of CASAMBI ecosystem:

Suitable for all projects, big and small. Casambi suits well for all your projects from meeting rooms to retail stores to large buildings like BBC in UK with more than 14000 Casambi units.

True interoperability. All Casambi Ready products run exactly the same firmware in the same hardware environment Software updates automatically via cloud updates.

DALI compatible. Casambi supports key industry standards and interfaces. DALI, EnOcean, 1-10V, PWM and phase cut dimmable devices and light sources can all be seamlessly used in Casambi networks.

Open ecosystem of optimally integrated and 100% interoperable Casambi Ready luminaires, drivers, sensors and switches from the major industry players.