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Lighting control systems allow lighting to be adapted more flexibly, activating individual luminaires or groups from a device, be it a switch, keypad or remote control.

Lighting systems are generally designed to be user-friendly, with remote controls and web-based applications that are easy to deploy on a variety of mobile devices.

DALI, or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a protocol for digital lighting control that enables the easy installation of scalable and flexible lighting networks.

Two-way communication between devices
Digital control of individual devices or operating in groups .
Lighting systems can be reconfigured through software reprogramming, without the need to change wiring. Power and DALI data are carried over the same pair of cables .

Digital Multiplex, DMX, is an electronic protocol used in lighting to control devices that allows communication between control equipment and light sources.

Wireless or wireless lighting controls have the basic functionalities of wired control systems and provide benefits in terms of flexibility and scalability. Wireless lighting controls have the basic functionality as hardwired advanced control systems, providing benefits such as flexibility and scalability.
Wireless control devices can be placed where they are needed without the limitation imposed by wiring, including hard-to-reach areas.. In addition, after installation, the devices can be moved and the system can be expanded with relative ease.
Besides, Wireless lighting control systems can be easily scaled as the lighting project evolves.

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